Emma Mattress Review: The Best Hybrid to Stay Cool at Night

The Emma mattress is a medium-firm memory foam mattress with superior pressure relief and support.

It’s soft but not too soft, and it can be customized to your personal comfort preferences.

Sleepers of all shapes and sizes will enjoy the unparalleled convenience of this mattress.

Top Features

1. Stern Support

The high-density memory foam base of the mattress provides superior support and long-lasting durability.

The base layer’s deep compression support ensures that your spine and neck stay aligned throughout the night, eliminating uncomfortable pressure points that many other mattresses fail to provide.

2. Flexible Comfort Layers

Orthopedic surgeons agree that a medium firmness is best for reducing pain and increasing sleep quality by keeping sleepers in proper alignment while they snooze.

While most people can’t afford an ultra-plush top with layers upon layers of convoluted comfort foam, Emma’s unique design features two comfort layers which are each less than 2 inches thick–most mattress companies will sell you something similar for £720+.

What this means is that you get all the benefits of a memory foam mattress without having to pay extra for unnecessary frills, which helps keep Emma’s cost lower than most comparable mattresses while maintaining its level of comfort.

3. Ideal Temperature Regulation

Anyone who has tried out memory foam knows that heat retention can be an issue with some models.

We’ve seen firsthand how much sweat and discomfort people have given up to feel more comfortably simply because their old mattress was holding too much heat against their skin.

Unlike other brands, Emma Mattress boasts Nectar Sleep’s signature temperature regulation technology which includes two layers–a smooth transition layer on top of the base layer and a thin moisture-wicking cover–which work together to disperse the body heat evenly throughout the night.

4. Innovative Design

The design of this mattress takes into account even your smallest movements throughout the night, maximizing comfort and minimizing movement transfer between you and your partner.

Emma’s top layer is designed to respond quickly to pressure, while its base layer ensures that you won’t feel any motion transfer in a softly-sprung structure beneath it.

This unique combination means that you’ll never have to worry about waking up your partner when you roll over during the night or get out of bed for an early morning run!

5. 10 Year Warranty

With a warranty this long, it’s no wonder, so many mattress companies love working with Nectar Sleep.

People who buy Emma Mattress can rest assured knowing that they’re investing in a mattress that will last for years to come.

6. 200 Night Risk-Free Trial

There is no risk involved in buying your new Emma Mattress directly from the website, where customers can select the right size and have it delivered to their doorstep within days.

If you don’t love this mattress after trying it out for a full 200-night trial, you can return it for an exchange or a refund with absolutely no hassles attached!

7. Great Customer Service

Nectar Sleep offers outstanding customer service, including free replacement pillows and discounted accessories sales on Facebook every week.

Follow them on Twitter @nectarsleep or use their online chat feature on NectarSleep.com for answers to any questions you may have about buying a mattress.

​​Advantages You’ll Love about Emma Mattress.

  • Orthopedic-quality support & comfort at a low price point.
  • No risk, no hassles returns within 200 days.
  • Improved air circulation reduces heat build-up.
  • CertiPUR-US Certified for quality and safety.
  • More affordable than comparable products on the market today.
  • Deep compression support to keep your spine aligned all night long.
  • You won’t feel your partner’s movements during the night, thanks to Nectar Sleep’s motion isolation technology. This mattress is available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes, so you can get exactly what fits comfortably in your bedroom!
  • A medium firmness that reduces pain while keeping sleepers in proper alignment all long! Pressure points are eliminated by a foam transition layer that allows your body to sink in gradually, reducing the possibility of tossing and turning.
  • Specially designed for optimal airflow to keep cool all night long.
  • A great support system meets dreamy comfort for a restful sleep every night! It distributes weight evenly over the surface of its two layers–made with breathable fabric for healthy air circulation while you have rest! Need to flip this mattress because it has a uniform comfort level throughout, thanks to quality memory foam construction.

Hassle-free shipping straight from Nectar Sleep’s online warehouse means that customers won’t have to worry about finding time in their busy schedule or discovering hidden fees on delivery day!

Specialized shipping containers protect your new mattress from damage during transit while maintaining a tiny carbon footprint.

If you’re not happy with your new mattress for any reason, Nectar Sleep promises to arrange a free return and full refund within the first 100 days of purchase!

Disadvantages of Emma Mattress

If you’re looking for a mattress with no smell, the Emma may not be a good choice as it has an unusual new mattress odor that takes several days to air out.

This should dissipate on its own, but if the smell is particularly bothersome, you can leave your windows open overnight or use a fan in conjunction with your mattress cover.

Prices and Sizes

  • Twin: £360 – 38″x75″
  • Full:£580 – 54″x75″
  • Queen: £720 – 60″x80″
  • King Size Mattress:£940 – 76″x80″, 78″x80″, 80″x83.5″, or 82.5 x84.5″.
  • Super King Size: £1020 – 72 x84, 74.5 x84.5, or 77 x84

What makes the Emma mattress special?

This mattress was made to support all sleeping positions without using costly materials that consumers don’t need. Nectar Sleep’s 200-night risk-free trial gives buyers peace of mind knowing they’ll never have to go shopping for a new mattress again.

  1. The company offers a 5-year warranty on the Emma mattress that covers manufacturing defects in addition to conventional wear and tear. Still, most customers are satisfied with their purchase long after the first few months. The best mattresses from Serta and Tempurpedic will only maintain half of their original quality after just 9 months, so you can feel confident about your decision to get this mattress today!
  2. The Emma Mattress loves to make customers happy! You can save hundreds compared to traditional brands because it is more affordable than comparable products currently found at major retailers. It has all the benefits of a quality mattress without compromising comfort, support, and deep compression relief.
  3. Customers who have bought an Emma are raving about their brand new products. So far, Nectar Sleep is more than willing to deal with unhappy buyers by offering them quick replacements in exchange for old mattresses that they can no longer use because they don’t fit on bed frames properly or fail to meet satisfaction after several periods of sleep.

Nectar Sleep offers a 100% money-back guarantee on its products within 200 days of purchase because they want every customer to feel satisfied after investing in a new mattress!

Who Are The Emma Mattresses Right For?

All kinds of sleepers benefit from the Emma mattress because it offers reliable support and comfortable sleeping surfaces that are easy to adjust following your body shape.

  • This is a great choice for people who want something other than spring or foam mattresses but aren’t quite ready to make payments on several thousand pounds sterlings worth of products that will only last between 5-10 years at most.
  • People who have chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain are going to see dramatic improvements in quality of life by investing in mattresses, even if they’ve spent hundreds of pounds sterlings on products from major manufacturers in the past.
  • The Emma is made with advanced foams that conform to your body weight but resist stubborn impressions that cause uncomfortable pressure points over time, as memory foam mattresses do.

Customers who bought the Emma mattress agree! Here’s what some reviewers had to say:

  1. “After spending a lot of money on other “name brand” mattresses, I decided it was time for me to buy something that actually works for my needs. The Emma mattress took about 10 days to start smelling less like new plastic, but now it is ready for me to sleep every night. I love the fact that it doesn’t create impressions, so I’m not stuck with a mattress that makes my body ache after so many hours on end.”
  2. “I have been sleeping extremely well on this Emma mattress because it’s comfortable and adjustable. My previous mattresses put too much pressure on my back, and hip pain was killing me, but now I wake up feeling refreshed without those aches and pains, plus it supports both side and stomach sleepers perfectly!”
  3. “Great mattress! It is very comfortable even if you’re a heavier person like I am and have absolutely no issues with mold or unpleasant odors from day one. The shipping company came within 2 days of ordering which is impressive, even though turning the Emma mattress on its side was actually difficult because it’s so well made!”

Emma mattress composition

  1. A top comfort layer of Airgocell foam (3 cm / 1.1 inches) – a proprietary blend of polyurethane and microgel beads
  2. A core of visco-elastic memory foam (3 cm / 1.1 inches) is a high-quality material that helps distribute weight evenly, relieves pressure points, and supports contouring.
  3. A supportive base layer of cold foam (19 cm / 7.4 inches) – made from polyurethane and provides weight distribution, pressure relief, and durability

Emma Mattress Construction & Certifications

Nectar Sleep’s Emma mattress is an impressive 17.5 inches tall, so you can get a good night’s sleep no matter how you prefer to lay on your bed!

It has a total thickness of 17.5 inches and easily conceals most standard-sized box springs.

The Emma mattress was made in America with CertiPUR-US foam that contains zero ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (Tris) flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals as well as formaldehyde. It also boasts an ultra-durable steel reinforced edge for improved comfort and safety.

Emma Mattress Cover

The cover is made of 100% soft polyester and a blend of polyester and viscose rayon that has been proven to rejuvenate the lifespan of the memory foam layer.

The Emma also features zippers for quick removal during washing and a luxurious cashmere-like feel on top for enhanced comfort when sleeping or laying down.

Sleeping Style and Body Weight Suitability

Emma’s 12-inch profile provides enhanced arm, shoulders and hips, and knee comfort for all types of sleepers.

The top firmness level is a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, most suitable for side sleepers. Still, it can be adjusted to accommodate those who prefer soft mattresses by applying additional padding.

The Emma mattress is best suited for adults between 150-275 pounds that like to lay on their stomachs or backs.

Consumers with lower body weights may find it too thick, while larger weight groups (over 300 lbs) could notice some lack of support if they’re used to sleeping on higher-quality brands.

But most people will agree that this product delivers superior comfort at a fraction of high-end brands!

Emma Mattress Trial and Return Policy

Nectar Sleep offers a generous 200-night trial period, so you can sleep on the mattress for several weeks and return it within this time frame if you’re not satisfied.

To keep prices low, mattresses are shipped in compressed packaging that is rolled up instead of boxed, so it’s straightforward to unpackage and place on the frame of your choice.


Emma buyers are covered by a 10 Year Limited Warranty that covers all factory defects and construction flaws.

If anything should happen to the mattress, contact Nectar Sleep’s friendly customer service department for information on getting it replaced at no additional cost.

Emma Mattress Delivery

Emma is delivered to your door in a compressed, rolled box – much like delivering a large, heavy roll of carpet.

Once you receive the mattress, it will be easy for one person to move and unroll the mattress onto your bed frame. It should take about 5 minutes to expand fully and reach its full height.

Nectar Sleep ships the Emma mattress fast via FedEx, so you can start enjoying it soon after its arrival!

Some customers may experience two or three days of transit time, depending on where they live. In contrast, others have reported receiving their mattresses just one day after placing their order online!

Do I need a special surface or frame for the Emma Mattress?

Emma is best suited for adjustable bed frames due to its tall profile, so make sure your bed base has a strong, durable frame that can handle the weight of a mattress before making this purchase.

You should also be aware that the Emma mattress is heavy and may require two people to move it safely into place.

Are the Emma Mattress and Nectar Sleep Company reputable?

Nectar Sleep has built a solid reputation as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality mattresses, pillows, and bedding products over the last decade.

The company’s main goal is to provide consumers with affordable prices, excellent customer service, and supportive products that meet all sleeping needs.

Offering free shipping, 200-night sleep trials, plus an industry-leading 10 Year Limited Warranty puts Emma in line with some of the most loyal customer bases in the industry.

Some consumers complain about receiving defective mattresses due to packaging issues on Nectar Sleep’s end that have resulted in torn or damaged covers.

In these cases, they offer full refunds or exchanges for unopened items due to manufacturing errors only.

Where is the Emma Mattress made?

Emma mattresses are manufactured in China by strict quality standards.

They’re also tested for safety and durability by a third party to ensure all material and artistry meet industry standards before shipping out each month.

Can an electric blanket be used with Emma?

Emma is compatible with electric blankets and heating pads. Still, heat may accelerate the breakdown of some materials, so test this product on a small, discrete area before using it full-time.

The Emma mattress features non-toxic flame retardants that meet all federal regulations, ensuring safety for you even if used in conjunction with an electric blanket.

Renewed Emma mattresses: Good or bad idea?

Some consumers have reported receiving a second-hand Emma mattress with previous stains or damage, but this is not the norm and should be considered a risk when purchasing mattresses online.

Most Emma customers are delighted with their new purchase and feel it’s an excellent value for the money.

How does the Emma Mattress hold up over time?

The vast majority of buyers report that they receive terrific support from their Emma mattress even after years of use.

The mattress stays relatively firm while also conforming to your body shape, which helps alleviate aches and pains after waking up.

Many long-term users report that they’ve achieved longer-lasting comfort by rotating their Emma mattress regularly. Hence, it wears more evenly across its surface.

Emma Mattress Award Winning and Recognitions

Emma Mattress is an awarded mattress over the years, including #1 Seller on Amazon and Best Mattress Brand of 2016.

The company’s customer service team is highly rated with several positive customer reviews who’ve had great experiences working with them to resolve warranty issues or delivery problems.

Nectar Sleep also offers a ’10 Year Swap Program’ if you want to upgrade your mattress after a certain amount of time, which provides consumers with a little extra peace of mind.

Emma Mattress Complaints and Cons

Consumers report that Emma mattresses are not ideal for taller individuals (over 6 feet tall) because the height makes it difficult to comfortably move around when you sleep near the edge of the bed.

Other complaints include a strong chemical odor upon unboxing (which dissipates within a few hours) and difficulty returning items to Nectar Sleep if defective.

Is Emma good for sex?

Many couples report having no issues enjoying intimate moments together while laying on their new Emma mattress, although some complain that the material feels too firm.

The foam construction makes it difficult to move around and change positions quickly, but the mattress is supportive enough for most couples who enjoy the simple back and forth movements.

Emma Mattress Comparison

I. Emma Mattress vs. Casper

The Emma is almost £200 cheaper when compared to the Casper.

The Emma mattress isn’t as thick and features a more pronounced arch support but still provides an excellent value for the money.

These mattresses are both good options if you enjoy a medium-firm feel and sleep hot in warm environments, although consumers seem to prefer Emma because of its low price tag.

II. Emma Mattress vs. Leesa

The Leesa is slightly thicker than the Emma and costs around £ 70 more (depending on the size).

Other differences include limited trial periods (Leesa offers 100 nights versus 200 days for Emma) and wider availability at retailers.

Both mattresses have similar foam construction that’s neither too firm nor too soft, but many customers feel Emma offers better support thanks to a high-density foam base.

III. Emma Mattress vs. Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series

The Nest Bedding mattress has one of the highest ratings for customer satisfaction on the market (4.6 / 5 stars). It includes some impressive features like white glove contact delivery, lifetime warranty, and a 100 day trial period with free delivery both ways.

However, Emma is still cheaper than most other luxury mattresses across the board, so you’re essentially getting a great value when comparing it against this brand despite its superior quality construction.

Do you need to flip an Emma Mattress?

No. The Emma mattress is designed for use on adjustable bed frames and is only placed face up to preserve its shape, so you receive the most long-lasting support possible.

Is an Emma Mattress comfortable?

Emma mattresses are built with supportive, pressure-relieving comfort layers of foam constructed from premium quality materials like gel memory foam, natural latex rubber, and ventilated Coir fibers for restorative sleep.

A soft top layer of 100% organic cotton provides comfort while preventing dust mites and other allergens from collecting in or around the mattress as it sits in storage or in your home.

Can I return my Emma Mattress if I’m not satisfied?

Yes! Emma mattress comes with a 200-night sleep trial, and Nectar Sleep offers an industry-leading 10-year limited warranty on all products with full replacement or refund.

How long does it take to receive my mattress once I place my order?

Nectar ships the Emma mattress fast via FedEx, and customers often receive their mattresses in just one day after placing their orders online if they live nearby a distribution center.

Some may experience two or three days of transit time but most report next business day delivery.

How many layers are in an Emma Mattress?

The Emma mattress is built for supportive comfort and pressure relief with two to four layers constructed from premium quality foams and fibers.

Consumers looking for more support can opt for the Firm option, generally recommended by sleepers who prefer a firmer night’s rest.  

Are there any Emma Mattress coupons available?

Yes! Sign up for Emails exclusively through Nectar Sleep to receive 10% off plus free shipping during their monthly sales events.

You may also be able to find deals on Groupon.

Does Emma Sleep hot?

Some customers report feeling overheated while sleeping on their Emma Mattress, especially if they use a higher thread count sheet set to keep them cool throughout the night.

The foam construction provides exceptional airflow, so you don’t have to worry about getting too hot, even in warm environments.

Luxury memory foam beds tend to sleep warm regardless of the brand because they don’t breathe well compared to pocket springs mattresses.

Is the Emma Mattress good for back pain?

The Emma mattress offers moderate back support and is a good choice if you struggle to find mattresses that are firm enough to keep your spine aligned but also plush enough to reduce discomfort in sensitive areas.

If you have chronic lower back pains or injuries, we recommend trying out other brands that offer more specialized features like extra support foam layers for your spine or enhanced pressure relief around the hips, shoulders, and neck.

This will help provide the ultimate sleeping experience, so you wake up feeling rejuvenated instead of uncomfortable and achy throughout the day.

Customers who don’t struggle with back pain report having an excellent overall experience. This highly responsive foam construction adapts quickly to their sleeping position by cradling their body and improving circulation.

Should I Buy an Emma Mattress?

The Emma Mattress is best for consumers who are shopping on a budget and don’t mind sacrificing some features (like trying out the mattress in person) to save money.

The top layer of memory foam responds quickly to pressure and contours to your body’s unique shape, which helps improve circulation while sleeping.

Most buyers find this mattress to be an excellent value for the price, but you must keep its limitations in mind when deciding.

Emma Original mattress review: Verdict

The Emma mattress is a quality product that brings this online-only brand up to the level of some of the top bed-in-a-box retailers.

Thanks to premium materials like memory foam, latex rubber, and Coir fibers, it’s supportive and comfortable.

Consumers who need a firmer night’s sleep can order the Firm option, but those searching for a softer one should look into the Plush or Soft models instead.

With 200 nights to test out your mattress, you have plenty of time to decide if it’s right for you, so don’t let Nectar Sleep’ 100% satisfaction guarantee scare you away from trying an excellent all-around bed with free shipping plus 200 days in which to make peace with your purchase.    

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